ISAPP Students and Fellows Association (SFA)

Affiliated with: the International Association for                                                                      Probiotics and Prebiotics

Linking Post-doctorate fellows and graduate students studying prebiotics, probiotics, and related fields


The ISAPP Students and Fellows Association (ISAPP-SFA) was created at the 9th ISAPP conference in November 2009. The objective of this Association is to facilitate the professional development of students (PhD candidates) and fellows doing research in the field of probiotics, prebiotics, and microbe-mediated health effects.

To do so, the association will:

  1. Represent students and fellows to the Board of Directors of ISAPP.
  2. Organize professional development training for its members.
  3. Obtain and offer grants to its members for professional development.
  4. Offer a platform for interaction between students, senior scientists, and industry

  Interested in becoming a member? Sign-in and join us!

  Go to Members > Member Application and fill out the registration form online!

 You can also find us at:

       logo_linkedin_88x22.png and  facebook_badge.gif (ISAPP Students and Fellows Association)

  Our mission: 


- Link students and fellows working in the probiotic/prebiotics field

We are using this website, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn, to discuss our research in the probiotics and prebiotics field, exchange ideas, and meet!


- Link our community with ISAPP members from the industry and Principal investigators

We are setting up a database of student profiles via this website: This will allow us to better know each other, and to communicate our research to principal investigators, and ISAPP members from industry.

SFA members also have the ability through SFA to post opportunities, such as training and job offers.


- Offer short-term internships/lab visits to our SFA members 

There will be opportunities for SFA members for short visits (few weeks to a few months) to another lab to learn a new technique.


- Offer Web-based mini-conferences: “Ask the expert!”

SFA members will pick a ‘hot topic’ or technique and arrange web-based conferences with an expert on the topic and a group of interested students/fellows.


- Improve ISAPP’s visibility via conferences and symposiums:

We will arrange opportunity for SFA members to meet and network with other SFA members. One option being considered is to organize a small symposium within a larger conference such as ASM, Lab10..


- Improve participation of SFA fellows and students to the ISAPP conferences.

SFA members will give Input for discussion topics, late breaking news, social activities and local organization.




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